Cascade Virtual Tales Season 5

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CVT501-10/11/99 Shallan It's Not Just Academic
(graphic lite/printable version)
While attending the police academy, Blair stumbles upon a secret that could destroy his plans to become a detective and maybe even get him killed.
CVT502-10/18/99 Emerald NOW He's A COP
(graphic lite/printable version)
Blair makes his first solo arrest when a bumbling bank robber stumbles into his path. Things take a serious turn when the man's brother comes to town, bent on revenge.
CVT503-10/25/99 Cindy Arts And Crimes
(graphic lite/printable version)
It should have been an easy assignment but an art festival, obnoxious artists and a hostage situation keep Ellison and Sandburg on their toes. Too busy to notice the threat that lurks in the shadows...watching and waiting.
CVT504-11/01/99 Paula Something Wicked This Way Comes
(graphic lite/printable version)
Trick or treat! A serial killer is stalking the female students of Cascade. Or is he?
CVT505-11/08/99 Kelly Family Ties
(graphic lite/printable version)
When a runaway is witness to a murder and escapes police protection, Jim and Blair must find him before the killer does. Meanwhile, skeletons from Rafe's past come a'knocking.
CVT506-11/15/99 TAE Never Give Up
(graphic lite/printable version)
The smell of C4...a timer counting down...the click as the detonator is activated. All the Sentinel has time to shout is a quick warning. BOMB!
CVT507-12/06/99 Carolyn Golden Echoes
(graphic lite/printable version)
A new drug ring in Cascade and an attack on one of their own bring back haunting memories for the crew at Major Crime. They race to bring down the ring while dealing with emotions they thought they had all put behind them.
CVT508-12/13/99 Emerald Hide And Seek
(graphic lite/printable version)
A lost child interrupts Sandburg and Ellison's vacation, but the search becomes more complicated as mysterious forces intervene.

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