Cascade Virtual Tales Season 5

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CVT517-03/06/00 Katie Cat and Mouse
(graphic lite/printable version)
A mysterious enemy challenges Jim's senses and Blair's ingenuity in a game where the stakes are the life of one of Major Crimes' own.
CVT518-03/13/00 StarPlaza Of Shadows And Light
(graphic lite/printable version)
A series of mysterious drownings lead Sandburg and Ellison into a supernatural encounter with an old enemy
CVT519-03/20/00 Misha Sensitive
(graphic lite/printable version)
A new sentinel shows up in Cascade. Or is she?
CVT520-03/27/00 Trishbsc Hazardous Duty
(graphic lite/printable version)
A chemical spill threatens Cascade, challenging the abilities of Sentinel and Guide.
CVT521-04/10/00 Virginia Lost And Found
(graphic lite/printable version)
Jim and Blair are assigned to track down a missing witness. Only someone decides to use the detectives' missing person assignment to study the Sentinel and Guide under adverse conditions.
CVT522-04/17/00 Hephaistos
The Janus Effect
(graphic lite/printable version)
While investigating a series of violent home invasions, Sandburg starts to exhibit very un-Sandburg like behavior.
CVT523-04/24/00 Robin Depths Of Evil
(graphic lite/printable version)
Has Cascade fallen prey to a deadly Satanic cult?
CVT524-05/01/00 Lori Determining The Right Path
(graphic lite/printable version)
Uncertain about his role as a shaman, Blair seeks enlightenment from an unusual source. After making some wrong choices, he finally realizes that understanding comes from within.
CVT525-05/08/00 Cindy Check And Checkmate
(graphic lite/printable version)
What happens when the watcher stops watching? Ellison and Sandburg must finally come face to face with their adversary in order to prevent the deaths of several VIPs in Cascade.

Paula & Robin

Secrets Of A Shaman
(graphic lite/printable version)
Season Finale. Blair knows that there is no easy path to becoming a shaman, but has he finally found the one who can help him?

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