Cascade Virtual Tales Season 6

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CVT601-10/16/00 Paula & Robin Revenge Is A Wild Kind Of Justice
(graphic lite/printable version)
Ellison and Sandburg learn that there is nothing sweet about revenge.
CVT602-10/23/00 Cindy Brother Born For Adversity
(graphic lite/printable version)
When Jim's brother Steven is being stalked by an unknown person, Jim turns decidedly 'Old Testament'.
CVT603-10/30/00 TAE Sideshow Freak
(graphic lite/printable version)
Blair is quite pleased when Jim agrees to a trip to a small visiting Russian circus. Simon, Daryl, and Megan join in the fun, only to arrive at the fairgrounds to a grizzly murder and a missing trained bear.
CVT604-11/06/00 Trish Hook Shot
(graphic lite/printable version)
Major Crimes is tracking down a violent murderer. Blair is balancing working the case along with helping Orvelle Wallace coach a boys basketball team.
CVT605-11/13/00 TAE Talent Show
(graphic lite/printable version)
When the members of Major Crime get tagged for their turn as the PD's 'Martyrs for Charity' at the annual 'Cascade for Charity Night' they have barely four weeks to come up with something to entertain the crowd. Four weeks which include a series of bomb threats and arsons directed at minority owned businesses, which began when the new Captain of the Bomb Squad arrived.
CVT606-11/20/00 Lori Unsuitable
(graphic lite/printable version)
William Ellison is on the rampage because Steven has a new girlfriend who is wholly unsuitable. But is William's anger really directed at Steven--or himself?
CVT607-12/04/00 Emerald Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son
(graphic lite/printable version)
The latest bombings in Cascade remain unsolved as the members of Major Crime continue to dig for answers. Will their investigation uncover a link to an old nemesis or tear apart the Bomb Squad?
CVT608-12/11/00 Katie Double Jeopardy
(graphic lite/printable version)
An unidentified body and a plea for help from an old friend lead Jim and Blair into danger.

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