Cascade Virtual Tales Season 6

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CVT609-01/08/01 Shallan Miracle On Prospect Ave.
(graphic lite/printable version)
The calendar may indicate that Christmas is near, but it doesn't feel like it to the men and women of Major Crime. Many believe that the Grinch might be involved with all the problems occurring until a mysterious fellow by the name of Gabe starts making unexpected appearances.
CVT610-01/08/01 Virginia Happy New Years, Cascade Style
(graphic lite/printable version)
Itís New Years, 2001. Cascade is preparing to ring in the New Year. An old adversary appears as a technology conference prepares to get under way and makes life complicated for Major Crimes.
CVT611-01/15/01 Kelly In The Blink Of An Eye
(graphic lite/printable version)
A new Seattle-based drug makes its presence felt, with crippling effects on a friend of Major Crime. This news sends the detectives out in full force to cut off the pipeline.
CVT612-01/29/01 Lori Bait And Shoot
(graphic lite/printable version)
The ethics surrounding the Bait and Shoot program are as much a problem for the community as it is for the two detectives. They need to resolve their own personal issues in order to deal effectively with both the unrest and a case of counterfeiting.
CVT613-02/05/01 Trish Shaman Of The Great City
(graphic lite/printable version)
A drug bust goes terribly wrong, resulting in the death of a DEA agent. The resulting media frenzy targets Blair and the Major Crimes Unit.
CVT614-02/12/01 Evermore Lead Pipe Cinch
(graphic lite/printable version)
A reality-tv crew comes to film at Cascade General, but unbeknownst to them, there's more trouble behind the scenes than they might be prepared to handle.(Warning for some minor graphic hospital scenes.)
CVT615-02/19/01 Hephaistos & Alberte Proper Procedure
(graphic lite/printable version)
After Jim and Blair ignore procedures one time too many, Simon decides his best detective team needs to be taught a lesson. He assigns them a civilian ride-along, and a very safe, very boring task to help prepare for Cascade's upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration. Safe? Boring? Simon should have known better.
CVT616-02/26/01 Emerald Here Kitty, Kitty
(graphic lite/printable version)
Millennium Towers is the hot new address for the society crowd, but when a string of unexplainable burglaries occur it's up to Jim Ellison to protect Cascade's beautiful people. But, who will protect high society from Ellison?
CVT617-03/05/01 Robin & Paula Bouquet Bandit
(graphic lite/printable version)
A rose isn't always a rose -- a crime spree "blossoms" in Cascade.

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