Cascade Virtual Tales Season 6

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CVT618-03/12/01 Toni Rae Meltdown, Part 1
(graphic lite/printable version)
An unexpected phone call sends Jim and Blair into the desert of eastern Washington hoping to solve a murder. Once there, they find more than they'd bargained for when new revelations about Jim's past begin coming to light.
CVT619-03/19/01 Toni Rae Meltdown, Part 2
(graphic lite/printable version)
The long term ramifications of some of Jim's family history start becoming apparent, even as they continue to hunt for a ruthless murderer.
CVT620-03/26/01 Evermore In Absentia
(graphic lite/printable version)
After nearly three years, the leader of the Sunrise Patriots is on trial and facing serious time in a federal pen. Detective Blair Sandburg is one of the star witnesses for the prosecution, but will past events stand in his way?
CVT621-04/02/01 Kelly Backwater
(graphic lite/printable version)
Jim and Blair fly to Louisiana to extradite a wanted felon in a very by-the-book assignment. The kind that includes gunfire, helicopters, swamp boats, snakes, kidnappings, and mysterious young woman with a healing touch.
CVT622-04/09/01 JoeyWit Divided We Fall
(graphic lite/printable version)
When an ex-student seeks Blair's help, a difference of opinion sends Sentinel and Guide investigating in opposite directions. Meanwhile, a scandal half a world away has a Cascade effect.
CVT623-04/16/01 Cindy Mishaps With Dinner
(graphic lite/printable version)
While Jim really tries to impress his auction date, the whole evening ends up being controlled by Murphy's law.
CVT624-04/23/01 Trish Tuesday's Child
(graphic lite/printable version)
Memories of Jim's childhood return with a vengeance. Jim and Blair uncover the skeltons hidden within the Ellison family tree.
CVT625-04/30/01 Shallan Blood And Water
(graphic lite/printable version)
There's an old saying that blood is thicker than water when it comes down to choices involving family. But for Jim Ellison, will the blood ties of family create a problem between his duties as a detective and his position as the Sentinel of the Great City?

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