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Regular Cast Members

Detective James (Jim) Ellison

A detective in the Cascade PD Major Crime division, Jim Ellison is also a Sentinel, possessing five heightened senses and an intolerance for criminals who foolishly invade his Cascade "territory". Able to see, hear, taste and feel far beyond the range of "normal" human beings, Ellison uses his extended senses in a daily battle to rid Cascade of its criminal element. Blair Sandburg--partner, roommate and Guide to this Sentinel-- describes Ellison as a "human crime lab".

Former Army Ranger, Covert Ops specialist and lone survivor of a military helicopter crash that left him stranded in the jungles of Peru, Ellison spent 18 months living among the Chopec natives and fighting to survive.

Personal facts:

Detective Blair Sandburg

Now Jim's partner, Blair was a former anthropology graduate student at Cascade's Rainier University. His studies focused on Sentinels -- ancient warriors with genetically superior senses who defended their tribes from danger. After striking an agreement with Ellison to help control his runaway senses in exchange for a subject for his doctoral dissertation, Sandburg became an observer with the Cascade PD, ostensibly partnered with Ellison to research a fictional dissertation on the "thin blue line." During the course of their partnership, Blair came to realize the importance of his own role in the sentinel mystique-- as that of a spiritual guide. Following the unintentional and premature release of his dissertation, which focused a media storm of unwanted attention on his partner, Blair publicly denounced his work, declared himself a fraud and wa s expelled from the university. In order to continue to provide guidance to his sentinel and back up to his partner, Blair completed a course of study at the police academy and now carries the gold shield of a detective.

Unconventional in his appearance, attitude and approach to police work, Blair always seeks the reasons behind the actions and looks for the other side of the coin.

Personal Facts

Captain Simon Banks

A practical man whose bark is generally worse than his bite, Simon leads the detectives of Major Crime. The only person other than Sandburg to "officially" know of Ellison's senses, Banks frequently walks the tightrope between his official duty and his support of his best detective\rquote s unorthodox, but effective methods. His gruff demeanor and feigned exasperation with Sandburg's often-unconventional approach are transparent to and usually ignored by his best team of detectives.

Personal Facts

Captain Joel Taggart

A former captain in the bomb squad and currently a Major Crime detective, Joel feels a special connection to Blair after Sandburg helped him overcome a debilitating anxiety that surfaced during a series of racially motivated bombings.

Detective Henri Brown

Responsible for Blair's "Hairboy" nickname, Henri brings a touch of humor and a quirky sense of fashion to the Cascade PD bullpen. Henri is often partnered with the impeccably attired Detective Rafe.

Inspector Megan Connor

On loan to the Cascade PC from Australia, this feisty Inspector first made Jim and Blair's acquaintance clad in a coat trimmed with hot-pink dingo fur. While accompanying Jim, Blair and Simon in their pursuit of Alex Barnes in Sentinel Too, Part 2, Megan pieced together the mystery of Jim's senses.

Detective L.T. Rafe

Although this dapper detective appears better "suited" for the cover of GQ Magazine than the mean streets of Cascade, he and his fashion-forward partner, Henri Brown provide backup for the sentinel and his guide.

Daryl Banks

Simon's ambitious teen-aged son wants to go to the academy and be a cop, just like his father, but Simon would rather see him go to college.