Slay it with Flowers
Production No. CVT513

written by:

edited by:
Hephaistos and Karen


The skies had opened and the rain poured down. Blair squinted through the pounding rain on the windshield, barely able to make out the white lines on the road ahead of him. Just his luck-- he'd been done with the depositions and in the bathroom when someone had suggested food and he'd been unanimously volunteered to make the deli run.

A sudden flash of sodden fur in the headlights and Blair was stomping on the brakes, his car sliding slowly, inexorably forward on the slick road. The wheels locked, slipped, and caught, and finally he just sat for a still moment. The off-grey mop of fur slunk into the darkness, the thin tail flicking in the puddles. He took a deep breath and let up on the brake, inching forward again.

The car eased ahead, pushing back the heavy curtain of rain and darkness with its headlights. The all-night deli was only another mile away, and then he could return to the station with hot food and hotter coffee and maybe then they could all go home.

Out of the gloom, on the very edge of his vision, a single red light blinked lazily. Blair slowed and pulled over, and the light resolved into a crazily tilted sedan, one hazard light blinking, the other faintly glowing from under a coat of mud.

He emerged into a world of wet, the rain immediately soaking his hair and shoulders, mud and water under his feet trying to slip him up. His flashlight played over the maroon car in the ditch, mud liberally coating the sides and undercarriage. The mud was slowly trickling away in the onslaught of the rain, and Blair peered inside.

A dark form with long blonde hair slumped sideways over the emergency brake, but when Blair tried the door handle, the woman inside jumped. She turned and scrambled back and down into the passenger seat. When the door proved locked, she slumped in relief.

Blair sighed, and dug into his back pocket. He tapped on the glass, highlighting his badge with the flashlight. "I'm Detective Sandburg, ma'am, can..."

The blonde opened the door in a flash, interrupting Blair's dutiful 'Can I help you?' "Oh, thank goodness! I've been waiting and waiting for someone to come along, and I kept imagining all these dreadful thugs waylaying me and could you possibly call me a tow? I'd be ever so appreciative."

"Yeah, sure, I..."

"Oh, that's fabulous. I'm so glad you found me here and you're not a thug. Won't you come in out of the rain, I'm sure you're getting soaked."

"My phone's in my c..."

Blair bit his tongue as she interrupted again. "Oh, simply fabulous. I hope you've got a heater, don't all knights in shining armor have heated cars and cell phones?"

Five minutes later, Blair found himself ensconced in his car with the blonde, who lapsed into a worshipful, if unnerving, silence.

It was quiet in the bullpen, the late hour settling over the office like a soft blanket. The hallway was empty of echoing footsteps, and only a soft murmur of voices issued from the captain's office. The lights were still on of course, bright as day, but they didn't detract from the hush of quiet.

The phone rang, bringing Jim Ellison's attention away from reviewing his deposition. He was tired and hungry and his eyes were crossing from rereading the same paragraphs every time the new Assistant District Attorney wanted to ask him a different version of the same question. He glared at the phone through another ring before snatching it up. "Ellison."

The patter of the rain outside was amplified over the phone. Jim could hear the hollow echo of the sound of raindrops bouncing around the inside of what sounded like Sandburg's car. "Whoa, Jim, don't sound so happy to hear me."

"Where the hell are you, Sandburg?"

"Chill, man. I'm at Snokomish and Hathaway, but I'm gonna be a little longer than I thought. A car went off the road and I'm staying with the driver until the tow gets here. Man, it's really comin' down."

Jim sighed, then smiled tiredly. "Blonde or brunette, Chief?"

Blair laughed, and Jim caught the shifting sigh of pantyhosed legs crossing in the background. "The former."

"You'd better hurry, Sandburg, the troops are getting restless."

"Hey man, I promised Megan chocolate, she'll get her chocolate."

"Megan nothing. I want my cheese fries!" The line was quiet for a second as Blair took a breath. "And not a word about my cholesterol."

"I didn't say a word."

"You thought it."

"Yeah, uh... gotta go, tow's here. I'll be back soon. With cheese fries." Blair sighed dramatically.

"Drive safe, Chief." Jim smiled as he set the phone in its cradle. He paused to listen as Megan's heart rate spiked in the next room, and then she slowly restated her testimony in words a toddler should understand. He rose. Best to save the poor ADA before Megan decided to use him for croc bait.

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