Rules for the CVTS

During season 5 of the Cascade Virtual Tales, Blair's shaman abilities were introduced. During season 6, there will be a limited number of stories that focus on those abilities and story ideas surrounding their use will be on a first come, first serve basis. There will also be a central running arc that will consist of several episodes. But in between there will be lots of room for case stories, adventures, comedy, suspense, bad girls, old and new villians, and all the other elements that make The Sentinel fun and exciting for its fans!

Guidelines for The Cascade Virtual Tales Season

by Black Panther Productions

With heartfelt thanks to the Tasha, Sophie, and Susan from the Highlander: The FanFiction Season group for allowing us to base our rules on theirs! (see for their VS)

If you are willing to follow the rules, please contact us at and we will sign you up for the CVT writer's group. We will post pertinent information (running story lines, new canon, story suggestions) to the list for all authors. We will try to keep these posts to a minimum, so not to overload anyone's email.

Once you are signed up, you may submit story synopsis to the committee. The committee will either 1) grant permission and designate an editor and a deadline for first draft completion 2) return with suggestions and ask for resubmission(for instance, perhaps something in your story doesn't match with a previously accepted story or newly developed CVT canon) 3) rejection with reason why (violates rules, villain being used by another story already accepted, etc.) Please do not be scared off by this process - we plan to be very lenient, and we want to work with you!

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